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Who Were The 1860s Radical Republicans?

Few people know that American icon Frederick Douglass belonged to a very unique and courageous group of men known as the Radical Republicans. These were men who worked feverishly, and tirelessly, inside and outside of the halls of the U.S. Congress in the 1860s to improve the lot of Blacks, women, and frankly, all of America. Without them and their gallant efforts, America would have remained a divided country, and more than half of our nation would have continued to be weighed down by the chains, and shackles, symbolic of the cruel, and oppressive, institution of slavery. You see, this unique group strongly advocated for total emancipation of slaves before, during, and after the Civil War. They dared to insist on harsh penalties for a racist and brutal Democratic South following the war; which was a period known as Reconstruction (after slavery was abolished). They also wanted Blacks to have the right to citizenship, ownership of land, and the right to vote. Because of this, they were called radicals, since their ideas were considered radical ideas, at the time. Unabashedly, they accepted this title proudly. To them , it was a badge of honor. Little known is that it was a repugnant and racist Democratic South that gave birth to the institution of slavery and fought a war that claimed over 620,000 lives to, not only hold onto slavery, but to expand it westward. It was their bigoted, and violent, militant wing, known as the KKK, who lynched, tortured, raped, molested, and murdered Blacks and White Radical Republicans, at will. Few know that well over 1,000 White Radical Republicans were lynched right alongside of the Blacks they dared to assist and liberate. And to think that throughout Black History Month, these brave American patriots do not even get a honorable mention. These were men who faced death for Blacks in bondage. Just as shameful, the Republican Party is never mentioned, or credited, for the major role they played in abolishing slavery in the United States. and who do you think might be behind this omission? What political party would  want that information withheld?

Two prominent leaders of this unique conservative abolishionist movement were Thaddeus Stevens, a fiery and no nonsense Congressman from Pennsylvania, and Charles Sumner, a well-respected Senator from Massachusetts, both men members of the Radical Republican Movement. Another prominent member was none other than Black Abolitionist and Radical Republican, Frederick Douglass, who was a private citizen. This was a man born into slavery, beaten regularly by what was known as a ‘slave breaker’ until one day he got tired of being whipped and beaten and he fought back. After that triumph, his slave master never attacked him again. In time, Douglass escaped to the north and married. He settled in New York and became quite a spokesman on the issue of slavery and life as a slave. Afraid that his slave master would learn where he was, since he was still an escaped slave, he took off for Europe where he lived and lectured for several years. Fortunately, his European sponsors went out and raised funds to pay for Mr. Douglass’s freedom. He returned to the United States soon after. In time he became so famous that he became a household name.

In the political world, Mr. Douglass joined forces with the Radical Republicans. Together, they stood toe-to-toe against racist Democrats, and middle-of-the-road members of their own party, who loathed them and called them extremists. Never once did these principled men give an inch to their detractors. It is this fighting spirit that Frederick Douglass is known for and what we need the Republican Party to return to today. We have allowed the democrats to define who we are throughout the Black community, other minority communities, and throughout history, and it is all lies. Ninety percent of Blacks, after they were freed from slavery, were Republicans and few Blacks even know that. Furthermore, the civil rights movenment started in 1854 with the formation of the Republican Party, not in the fifties and sixties as most people are led to believe. And it was the republicans who authored every single civil rights bill brought before Congress. Truth be told, it was the democrats who fought such bills and viciously. As a Black man born into slavery, who suffered the life of being a slave, Frederick Douglass still loved America and made no bones about it. He was the 'Father' of the Civil Rights Movement, hands down. He, along with other Black conservatives, paved the way for leaders such as Booker T Washington, Harriet Tubman, Mary McLeod Bethune, and Martin Luther King, Jr., the 'Son' of the Civil Rights Movement. Author of several books, Douglass is largely known as an abolitionist and stateman. Few know, or were taught, that he was a staunch conservative and Radical Republican. He was also someone President Abraham Lincoln indulged, engaged, and sometimes listened to.

As a conservative, Mr. Douglass believed in, and defended, the vision of the Founding Fathers, which was one of liberty and freedom for all. The only true obstacle for the framers was King George III, and the slave issue owned by those pesky southern democrats who felt that slavery was a right God sanctioned for them to have. Well, the framers overcame the problem with King George, by fighting the Revolutionary War. Problem is, the slavery issue remained. During the Civil War, Douglass did everything in his power to advance the Black cause. Above all, he was a patriot. He supported the Civil War effort, pressed President Lincoln to allow Blacks to fight for their freedom, and he was a driving force behind the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, which abolished slavery, gave Blacks citizenship status and own property, and allowed them the right to vote. He also worked hard for women’s rights. Mr. Douglass was a staunch defender of our US Constitution and our sacred Bill of Rights, as well.

As a conservative, Frederick Douglass believed in our individual rights and freedoms, a healthy free-market system, life, liberty, fair taxation, the 1st and 2nd Amendment, and prosperity and upward mobility for all, and a strong military to secure all of these wonderful things. Born a slave, Mr. Douglass died a millionaire, by today's standards. He attributed his mercurial rise to hard work and our free market system. Because of his gallant efforts, and that of a resolute Republican Party, especially Radical Republican members who stood with him, he lived to see slavery abolished in America. No, liberation did not come easy, but many Blacks and Whites, and Hispanics died fighting for it, so that we might enjoy freedom today. As republicans, and lovers of freedom, and liberty for all, we want to welcome you back home to the party of prosperity and freedom, and to the party that liberated your ancestors from the bondage of slavery. After all, we are the party of liberation. We are the only political party in America who can be proud of the accomplishements we made on behalf of minorities and the Black community. Our policies are meant to provide a person a hand up, not just a hand out. We want people to become all that they are capable of becoming, as long as they are productive, law-abiding citizens, regardless of color. We want freedom and liberty to ring true throughout the nation.


“I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress” - Frederick Douglass



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So, Why Did Blacks Go Over To The Democrat Party?

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Many Americans are unaware that less than 5% of whites in the South owned slaves. Even fewer know that there were wealthy and influential Blacks who owned slaves, too, especially in the New Orleans area. Few know that the majority of Blacks, during Reconstruction, a time after slaves were freed, were proud Republicans. And when it came to women’s voting rights, although President Woodrow Wilson (D) signed the bill that gave women that right, he was staunchly against it. He initially wanted no part of women's suffrage. It was the Republicans who championed that bill, and forced Wilson's hand. Yet, democrats take credit for its passing because the president at the time was a democrat.

So, why did Blacks go over to the Democrat Party? The answer lies in the following; the famous Smith vs Allright legal case, Senator Barry Goldwater’s sound legal reason for opposing the Civil Rights Bill of 1964, though his position, in the aftermath, was viewed as being morally unsound, Franklin D Roosevelt’s (D), New Deal, Harry Truman’s (D) Fair Deal, and LBJ’s (D) Great Society, all failed welfare state programs. Since the Republican Party was not well organized in the South, Blacks, who wanted a voice in local government, were left with little choice but to join the Democrat Party. For their efforts, they were met with great resistence, untold harrassment, threats, and even death, for trying to exercise their constitutional rights. Southern democrats were not having any of this. So, they put barriers into place, such as poll taxes, literacy tests, voter intimidation, threats, and police brutality. If none of this worked, you just might be paid a visit by the local KKK chapter. 

It was only in the fifties that the democrats realized a need to incorporate the Black vote, and their social issues, into their platform. They were losing elections and voters as well. Actually, they were left with little choice but to accept Blacks into their party, again, thanks to the famous Smith vs Allright case. Those in the Democrat Party who balked at accepting Blacks in their ranks, broke away from the party and formed their own party, and its members became known as Dixiecrats. Once democrats gained dominion, and control, over the Black vote, they offered them government handouts, and then they set out to propagandize them, via our government run school system and our universities. Slowly, they changed the once independent, and patriotic, mindset of Blacks into one of dependency, convinced some of them to turn a blind eye to the laws of this land, and a deaf ear to patriotism. They did this by convincing Blacks that they were victims in a society that never wanted them, or cared about them. Not satisfied, the left removed the Bible from our schools, placed abortion centers in the Black community (to eradicate the Black population), and made it difficult for the Black father to remain in the home with his family, via the welfare system put into place by elites in Washington. The Democrat Party's only interest in the Black voting bloc was its vote. President Lyndon B. Johnson (D) was once recorded saying that "I'll have those niggers voting democrat for the next two hundred years." This author personally heard this arrogant claim on a television documentary, and it was once posted up on Youtube years ago. How convenient it is now that there is no trace of this recording anywhere.  And by the way, remember those Dixiecrats? When they failed to make strives in their newly formed party, all but three of them returned to the Democrat Party, so this business about the parties switching sides, and platforms, is hogwash. It never happened. How do you go from being the good guys to sitting down with the bad guys and saying " We're tired of being nice, let's switch sides." How does that happen?

As for Senator Barry Goldwater (R), he was no racist. He and his family encouraged, even convinced, many businesses to hire Blacks. But because he looked at the Civil RIghts Act of 1964, through the prism of law, and was advised by his good friend, and federal judge, Robert Bork, that the items in this bill was already covered in the US Constitution, there was no need for an additional act of Congress to address this issue, Goldwater opposed the bill and he did so on legal grounds. Unfortunately, over a dozen southern racist democrat members of Congress (Dixiecrats) opposed the same bill, and Goldwater, the only republican senator to cast a no vote, was lumped in with them and was hince, called a racist. That inference followed him to the end of his life, but more so, it negatively impacted his run for president in 1964. During this time, many Blacks migrated to the racist party that once oppressed them. Unfortunately, they did so without knowing that party's history, or the one they left. What you do not know can come back to hurt you.

Sadly, republican leadership did nothing to stop the bleed. Over the decades, numerous Black leaders have spoken out against Blacks getting too cozy with their former slave masters. They also encouraged Blacks to become participants in this American experiment and its free-market system. This included Black abolistionist Frederick Douglass, who warned Blacks in the South about migrating North en mass, Hiram Revels, the first Black to serve in Congress, George Henry White, the last Black to serve in Congress in the 1800s, and the late Black Muslim, and Black Nationalist, Malcolm X, who berated the Democrat Party in a speech he gave on December 1, 1963 at the Manhattan Center in New York City.

Democrat policies have never been about prosperity, or lifting Blacks, and other poor communities, out of their misery, nor liberating them from their violence infested neighborhoods, and dire economic situations, which was something Malcolm X knew. Their focus has been about controlling, and manipulating, the universal Black vote. Unbeknownst to the majority of tenants in America’s crime-ridden, and low-income, cities, the misery they are suffering from stem from the failed progressive policies of democrats who controlled these municipalities for decades. But there is more to their madness and grab for power… they wanted to fundamentally change this country from one of freedom and individual rights, to one of overbearing government control, regulation, and collectivism, the latter three being the primary pillars of socialism. Socialism, truth be told, with its end goal being Communism, has never worked no matter where it's been tried before.

Unfortunately, our government run educational system has failed our children and has kept the truth about our proud past hidden from them. Capitalism is demonized, too. Our news media outlets, to include influential entertainment and sports celebrities, are all rolling in the dough, but they are trashing the very system that made them affluent, rich, and powerful (that would be capitalism). If they were honest, they would be touting and promoting capitalism throughout America’s poor and impoverished communities. After all, it worked for Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Tim Weatherspoon, Herman Cain, Sidney Poitier, Tyler Perry, Spike Lee,  Bill Cosby, Snoop Dog, Tupac, Puffy Combs, the Williams sisters (tennis), Denzel Washington, John H, Johnson, founder of Johnson Publishing Company, Berry Gordy, founder of Motown, Frederick Douglass, Magic Johnson, Dr. Dre, Shaq, and many others.

Again, I shake my head in disgust at how the Republican Party, and those who gave their lives for the Black cause, are not even given a honorable mention during Black History Month, which has been largely promoted and orchestrated by progressives and socialists on the left. Also cleverly left out is the shamful, and nefarious role, the Democrat Party played in bringing about Jim Crow Laws, poll taxes, literacy tests, voter intimidation, and outright police brutality against the Black community.

In contrast, the Republican Party has a rich and glorious and proud past, one that should be trumpeted loudly throughout the impoverished neighborhoods in America. Unfortunately, some on our side see no need to discuss our history, or our proud and glorious historical connection to the Black community. To them, it is a waste of time, or they feel that it is up to Black conservatives to reach out to Blacks across the aisle. This mindset borders on the archaic. Attitudes like this, I believe, are what allowed the democrats to define the Republican Party, on whole, as bigots and racists. We are none of these things. So, let's not give them reason to further label and stigmatize us. Let's sound off on our successes. We have a booming economy; meaning, the more people that are employed, the less people we have in the unemployment, and food, lines. And we get to keep more of our hard earned income. If the Black community would let us in, we can show them how to win, and win big in America. Sadly, the Black community decided to opt out of the American dream, guided by leaders who lied and deceived them. Freedom was bought and paid for, in blood, by patriots who stood up and fought for it, so we would not have to. The American dream is out there. You need only to reach for it and claim it.  

In closing, we as conservatives, and independents, want to welcome you back home to the party of liberty and freedom. We want life and prosperity for all, to include the innocent unborn. And while we are on that subject, since when did the Almighty sanction the brutal murder of His most vulnerable? Palms 127-3 reads, ‘Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.’ Sadly, human lives have been so devalued, and our own perspectives spiritually corrupted, by misguided leaders, and sometimes by unfit parents. Violent video games, gangsta rap, the media and Hollywood, all play a majot role, too, in our national immoral decadants. As a result, aborting a child is no more morally challenging than throwing a day old salami sandwich into the garbage. In the end, someone is going to have to answer for this slaughter when Judgment Day comes. Individuals will have to and the nation which allowed this to happen. Maragret Sanger, an avowed racist founded Plan Parenthood with the sole intend to rid the nation of Blacks via eugenics and abortion. That is why so many Plan Parenthood centers are located in Black neighborhoods. Listen, we have time to save lives, ourselves, and our country. But we have to stand up now or bow down later to the failed policies of the Left. Time is quickly running out... The Almighty is warning us that it will not be long before Judgment Day. Be one of those on the side of life, not death. It is true, the most dangerous place for an unborn Black baby is in its mother's womb, for those considering the butchery of abortion. I would recommend people watch the movie Gosnell. If you still believe in abortion after reveiwing that movie, you just may be pathological in nature. Say yes to life! The Son of God did...

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Can Sharia Law or Communism Supercede Our Constitution?

The framers made it clear: “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” – Article VI, Clause 2 of the US Constitution.

As for whether we are a democracy, as the Left keeps insisting, or a republic, which our side already knows, the framers addressed this matter, quite clearly. "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence." Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

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Hailing from Philadelphia, CS Bennett is a decorated war veteran (Desert Shield/Desert Storm - United States Navy). He served aboard the USS Nimitz and the USS Saratoga. He worked naval supply and naval intelligence. Author has degrees in the Social Sciences, Criminal Justice and Political Science/Public Administration. In 2012, he graduated from the University of North Florida with high honors (Magna Cum Laude). Author resides in a small and colorful rural town named Interlachen, Florida (pronounced Inter-lock’n). He has 25 published books (some on Amazon, some on Barnes & Noble Online Bookstore), is a national conservative talk radio cohost, and is a columnist for several national political online news journals, to include one in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is also a former Vice Chairman of the Putnam County REC in Putnam County Florida. He is a dedicated member of American Legion Post 45. 

CS Bennett is comfortable operating under the radar, but remains a sought-after keynote speaker and man of enlightenment. He is a family man, an amatuer historian, and a world traveler. He has visited far off lands such as Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Greece and islands throughout the Caribbean, such as Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Virgin Islands. His classic political novels are ‘Beyond The Founding Fathers’ Vision’, ‘By George, The Radicals Are Back!’, and its sequel, ‘America’s Original Radical’. His latest political drama, on the way of becoming a classic, debuted in April of 2017. It is entitled ‘The Conservative Prodigy’. CS Bennett is a dynamic, potent, and powerful political voice. You can find his latest novel, and military action thriller, 'The China Checkmate', and other great works of his, on and Barnes & Noble online bookstore.  

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